1. The Genesis of Dreams… thoughts on music..

    For the past 4? months,  Robot Koch and I have been working on a song called “Dreams of You.” It uses the track “Away from” from his previous record  Death Star Droid. I loved “Away from” and innocently asked him one day over noodle bowl if I could sing something I had written on it. He was like “yeah sure” … no doubt we were both thinking “What could be simpler?!”…

    Now, today - however many sessions, months, bowls of fried rice and changing seasons later I *THINK* we have it ready for mastering. The thing about “Dreams” is - it’s basically … BENDY music.

    What drew me to “Away from” was this organic musical thing in the track - simple melodies that push and pull that make it breathe - without analysing it at the time what I later discovered was - this was actually 2 parts slightly out of tune with each other that get louder and softer within the mix so it’s very dynamic. 

    But then - the more dynamic parts you add; an orchestra, a dynamic vocal - not only did the whole thing start to become blatantly out of tune with itself - then you have to balance the dynamic of what is natural to the vocal on its own, with making sure you don’t lose words to the huge beat, how to fit in with this bendy melody thing jumping in and out of the speakers and then the “overall” dynamic of the arrangement - this one being totally unconventional just to make matters worse.

    The thing that kept hitting me on the head (figuratively speaking) in this process, apart from how cool Robot Koch is! - was - music is always in transit. It is worlds within worlds tied to emotions tied to the inevitibility of time. It is the feeling you get coming FROM somewhere and going TO the next place and all shades of the spectrum in between. Working on it to create that emotional roadmap you can’t just listen to one bar or work on one section. You have to navigate the feeling through the whole piece. When you change one tiny detail you change other things in relation to that detail and though this can start to drive you completely bananas! - in the end it is ONLY about Instinct and trusting the flavour of your own feelings.

    In the most beautiful way, making music shows me over and over again how Nothing exists in isolation. Everything is affected by a myriad of choices - but almost more importantly - where those choices fall in a timeline. 

    "Dreams of You" will finally be released January 5th 2011… you can find a very early demo of Dreams here; http://soundcloud.com/fiora/dreams-of-you-away-from-feat-robot-koch

    Thanks for reading this lyrical wax ;-)


    (Source: soundcloud.com)